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City Police Hateful Crime


Welcome Police Officer you have a new task today. There are prisoners escaped and they are very hateful and don’t want to go back to the prison. It’s your police duty to search them in the city and bring the prisoners to the police station. In City Police Hateful Crime you can unlock the most perfect cars and you can use them to pick up the criminals.
Are you the bad police officer or the good one? Show which you are and bring all the criminals back to the police station. Show of your driving skills in this driving simulator and calm the hateful prisoners. City Police Hateful Crime will let you drive, park, picking up criminals and a lot more. So play now and don’t forget you are the law!
City Police Hateful Crime main features:Awesome cars to unlock 2 special areas with different missions to play If you crash Jump back in time with the rewind buttonUnlock all levels of this police simulator Become the best police officer Calm down the hateful prisoners Drive, park and pick up in this driving simulator
We hope you will like this police simulator game and let us know what you liked and what not?
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